Adding Elegance to Your Home

When we hear the word “elegance,” we typically think of formal and fancy. However, this term really speaks to style and neatness, especially in home design. Whether you’re undergoing a whole home remodel or just remodeling a smaller part of your home, there are many ways to add an elegant touch throughout. Here are a few elements that can add a touch of elegance in your remodel.

Adding Elegance to Your Home
dining room and kitchen in new luxury home

Distinctive Cabinetry

Because bathroom and kitchen remodeling are the most common rooms for a remodel, we’ll start with cabinet options. Of course, choosing a cabinet design that suits your taste is essential; however, with semi-custom and custom cabinets, you’ll find that you have many options beyond the basics. If you’re willing to keep your cabinets neat, consider a glass-front cabinet with interior lighting and display some of your favorite pieces. If an open front isn’t to your taste, look at obscured glass or even metal, depending on your home’s style. Varying the height of the cabinets and adding crown molding along the tops is another way to add some elegance.

Crown Molding & Ceiling Detail

If you’re planning a whole home remodel, talk to your design/build team about the ceiling details in each room. Ideally, you will at least add crown molding throughout the home if it’s not already there. If you’re doing a farmhouse-style kitchen, consider some faux wood beams. In a master bedroom, talk about a coffered ceiling. Unique ceiling details create style in almost any space.

Unique Finishing Pieces

The little details you may not think about investing thought or money into can make a big difference in the appearance of the finished space. This is especially true in kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, there are two elements far too many homeowners don’t take enough time choosing: the faucet and the drawer pulls or knobs.

Your faucet is one of the most-used elements in either room. It should look great and stand on its own in the space. When you’re ready to choose a knob or drawer pull, find something that compliments the style of the room but also adds just the right highlight. After all, you and your guests will notice them and use them virtually every time you’re in the room.

The same goes for towel bars in the bathroom. The options for finishes and styles today are virtually limitless and can change how a room feels. Make sure that your faucets coordinate well for that cohesive look. Also, rather than clutter on shelves and countertops, find unique decorative baskets, bowls or dishes for the items you need to keep within easy reach but don’t want seen.

Let G.M. Roth’s Team Add Elegance to Your Home

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