4 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room Interiors This Spring

As the fresh beginning of spring approaches, homeowners have the opportunity to spruce up their homes and bring new energy into their living spaces. Many even don’t realize that small changes can have significant results. Let local bathroom and kitchen remodeling expert GM Roth Design Remodeling share a few easy ways to create a brand-new look for your living room without breaking the bank.

4 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room Interiors This Spring

1. Refresh With Light Colors

You can give your living room a fresh look with soft, neutral tones, such as white or sandy beige. Paint the walls with soothing shades and add light-colored furniture. Incorporate a sense of flow by changing your curtains to something lightly colored than the previous season’s swatches.

2. Add Plants and Flowers

With the air starting to warm up and the sun shines brighter, spring offers everyone a chance to bring life into any place. Freshen things up with house plants and use them as decorative props for added interest. Place potted plants strategically throughout your living room. Don’t forget about fresh flowers! Bright bunches of flowers give aroma, energy, and color all at once. This is also something to consider when you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project.

3. Accessorize With Bright Colors

Bright-colored throw pillows give off a cheerful vibe to the living room. Look for hues that remind you of early summer and the countryside. Place a luxurious rug that has vivid colors to give the space more pizzazz! Art frames in radiant colors can also help spice up any wall or tablescape within the living room.

4. Add a Touch of Glam

Bring sophistication and glam to make your living room stand out. If you’re feeling more daring and want to go beyond bright colors, add something like a shining chandelier or mirrored side table. Try diversifying with metallic accents in shades such as bronze, silver, gold, or multi-colored metals for an ultra-modern look.

Need Help Giving Your Home a Spring Refresh?

A great way to kick off spring is to give your living room a fresh look. With bright colors and metallic highlights, the possibilities are endless. Give yourself something unique with help from G.M. Roth Design Remodeling. We can help with everything from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling.

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