Eating In During Your Kitchen Remodel

On one hand you’re looking forward to starting your kitchen remodel, while on the other hand you know the chaos that you’ll likely live with for several weeks! Not having a kitchen limits your at-home food options, and eating out is not practical for every meal. However, with a little preparation and planning, you can eat in during your kitchen remodel. Here’s how.

Eating In During Your Kitchen Remodel

Talk With Your Remodeling Company

With a little coordination, you can have a refrigerator and stove longer than you think. If you and your remodeling company discuss the tear-out and timeline, you may find that the refrigerator can either stay where it is for much of the remodel or be moved to another outlet that can support it. Keep in mind that, depending on the outside temperature, your garage may not be a good place for your refrigerator. If keeping your large fridge isn’t an option, look for a dorm-size one, either new or used.

Get Organized

When you empty your cabinets, think about the necessities you should keep out to use in the coming weeks. Unless you plan on doing all your dishes in a bathroom sink, accept that you’re going to be using a lot of paper plates and plastic utensils. Find a space to keep bowls, prep knives and storage containers within easy reach.

Pre-Plan Meals

Not all breakfast options require refrigeration and a stovetop. Keep granola, cereal bars and microwavable oatmeal on hand. Lunch is one of the easiest meals to prepare without a kitchen – sandwiches, chips and fruit make for a great lunch anytime. For dinner, stock up on things that are shelf-stable, like soups, canned pastas, and canned tuna and chicken. You’ll likely be making regular trips to the grocery store to pick up fresh meat. Many meals can be made in a crock pot, panini maker, microwave or countertop convection oven, or on the grill. You likely have some of these tools, so put them to use.

Your family really can be well-fed (and not eat out every meal) during your kitchen remodel. Contact G.M. Roth Design Remodeling, your local remodeling company, and we’ll prepare an accurate timeline of your project and help make eating in a possibility. Call (603) 880-3761 today to get started.

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