7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Makeover

Bathrooms get their fair share of wear-and-tear. After all, besides the kitchen, they are probably the most frequented room in the house. Most people start and end their days in the bathroom. Because we spend so much time in the bathroom, we should love — or at the very least tolerate — our bathroom’s appearance.

7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Makeover

But it’s hard to enjoy spending time in an outdated and unsafe bathroom. Outdated bathrooms are not only ugly to look at, but if your bathroom pipes and hardware are leaky, an outdated bathroom can also cost you a decent chunk of change via wasted water. Not sure if it’s time for a bathroom makeover? Here are some signs that your bathroom is in need of some TLC.

1) The bathroom always looks dark and gloomy.
Most of us get ready for the day in the bathroom. We shave, put on makeup, and do our hair in the bathroom mirror. But if your bathroom is poorly lit, it can be difficult to look your best. A bathroom makeover can be as simple as changing out the bulbs, but if you really want to brighten up your bathroom and give it a modernized, upgraded look, you can invest in a new light fixture. Recessed lighting is the perfect way to brighten up your bathroom while simultaneously making the area look larger.

2) The faucets are always leaking.
One major way to tell that you’re ready for a bathroom makeover is if you have leaky faucets. Not only are leaky faucets a nuisance but each drop adds up to gallons of water wasted each month, and no one needs an unnecessarily high water bill. You could have a plumber come out and replace any missing or damaged parts, or you could just pull the trigger and buy new, stylish faucets instead.

3) Your bathroom looks like it’s from the 50s.
There’s nothing inherently wrong with having an outdated bathroom. After all, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” But if you plan on selling your home anytime soon, you might benefit from a bathroom makeover. Bathrooms can often be selling points in your home, and buyers tend to like clean and modern looking facilities.

4) The bathroom lacks functionality.
Another sign that your bathroom may require a makeover is lack of functionality. Do you not have enough storage space? Is the bathroom’s layout totally whack? If so, it may be time for a bathroom makeover. Bathroom functionality is especially important if you have elderly individuals living in your home. Things like a seat in the shower, a walk-in bathtub, and grab handles are especially useful when sharing your home with older people.

5) The tiles in your shower look disgusting.
Tiled showers and tiled tub backsplashes add visual effect to your bathroom. Unfortunately, they are a pain to clean. With time, the grout in between bathroom tiles can become moldy, stained, and unsightly, especially if the bathroom lacks proper ventilation. If the grout in between your shower’s tiles are filthy and even bleach can’t help, it might be time to consider a bathroom makeover. Not only is mold ugly but it can be a health hazard if inhaled, so it’s best to tend to that sooner than later.

6) There’s mold growing on the ceiling.
Speaking of mold, exposure to mold and mold spores can cause a fair amount of health complications including throat irritation, eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, and even skin irritation. Mold tends to form in warm and humid areas, and bathrooms tend to be warm and humid, especially if they lack proper ventilation. Installing a vent fan or a window might be necessary if you find that you’re constantly dealing with mold growth in and around your bathroom.

7) The bathroom is too small or lacks storage space.
A tiny bathroom can be annoying, especially if you’re sharing a bathroom with several other people. And what’s worse than a small bathroom? A small bathroom with little to no storage space. Lack of storage space in the bathroom means that your countertops and other areas will be cluttered, and clutter leads to stress and disorganization. If you find yourself always trying to wriggle around your friend or significant other while in the bathroom, or if your countertops are always covered with things you don’t use on a regular basis, it might be time for a bathroom makeover.

7 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Makeover 2

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