5 Kitchen Remodel Upgrades That Will Cost More Later

It’s no secret that kitchen remodeling is an expensive undertaking. So how do you know what upgrades are vital and which ones to cut if needed? Ask yourself what can be added or changed later with minimal issue and expense. If it can be added easily later and there are budget constraints, consider putting that on your cut list. Here are five things that will cost you more to do later than during the initial kitchen remodel.

5 Kitchen Remodel Upgrades That Will Cost More Later
  1. Electrical outlets – If the walls are open and your contractor is reconfiguring wiring, now is the time to add outlets if you think you’ll need them. Adding them later may entail removing the backsplash and even adding another breaker.
  2. Sufficient lighting – As with outlets, an electrician can only put so much power on each circuit. Installing fixtures while the ceiling wiring is exposed is much cheaper and easier than cutting a new hole in the ceiling later on.
  3. Quality fixtures – Although this may seem the same as lighting, here we’re talking about the quality of the fixtures themselves. The difference between a lighting unit that will work for your kitchen remodel and one you love is probably less than $100, yet replacing the fixture itself could cost several hundred dollars if you will need an electrician to make the change.
  4. Soft-close hinges and drawer glides – Many top cabinet companies include soft close cabinet drawers and doors and full extension drawer glides as an option, so take the additional hit now. If you delay installing these features until later, you’re not only going to have to completely empty the drawers, but new hardware means additional holes in the drawers and possibly cabinets. The cost of adding these after-the-fact is significantly higher.
  5. Drawer organizers – You can buy plenty of organizational tools at your local big box store, but rarely do they fit well and rarely do they last. Before a kitchen remodeling company finalizes your design, take inventory of what you want or need to store. An experienced and well trained kitchen designer knows the right questions to ask to ensure she includes all the storage features you require.

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