Tips on Maintaining Your Cedar Deck

Cedar decks are prized among homeowners for many reasons.They are durable and appealing, and can resist moisture, rot, and insects. Although cedar is generally a low-maintenance material, you can further improve its strength and longevity with proper maintenance and care. When cared for, cedar decks can last between 15 to 20 years. 

tips on maintaining your cedar deck

In this article, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling shares tips on how to care for your cedar deck.

Removing Mildew

Mildew can form on the surfaces of cedar decks if neglected for a long time. It can result in discoloration, which can be removed by restaining the deck. However, restaining alone will not prevent a recurrence of mildew growth. An efficient way to address this is to clean off the mildew using commercial mildew removers or a mild bleach solution. Then, after washing and drying the affected surfaces, apply the protective coating. Finishes with mildewcide are ideal.

Addressing Extractive Bleeding

Extractive bleeding is when your deck forms dots or lines of staining. Extractive bleeding is not a sign of failed paint or staining. When extractive discoloration happens, tannins are broken down by moisture and attracted to the stained or painted wood’s surface by hydrostatic pressure and the sun (osmosis). Tannins are acidic chemicals dissolved in the liquid sap in the wood and left behind when water evaporates. Cedar is a species of wood that has tannins. Typically, these stains can be washed by water or rain, but if the stains persist, mild detergent solutions should work. You can also use a mild oxalic solution if the stain is tough.

Removing Iron Stains

Commonly, iron stains are either reddish-brown stains or blue-black discolorations. The reddish-brown stains are caused by oxidation and rust, while the blue-black discolorations are caused by chemical reactions between the nails and the extractives in the cedar. Regardless of the issue, commercial cleaning solutions and products work well in removing these stains. If the stains have penetrated the wood surface, you can sand the affected areas to get rid of them.

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