Determining the Perfect Deck Size for Your Home

Your deck’s size determines the project’s timeline and total cost. Since it is a considerable investment, you want to ensure you build the best one for your home.  

determining the perfect deck size for your home

G.M. Roth Design Remodeling lists some essential considerations to help you determine the right deck size for your home.

Average Size and Proportion

Find the right deck size for your home using the average size available. Most decks have a 12 feet × 12 feet size, but some homes are alright with an 8 feet × 8 feet deck. Consider your home’s proportions when deciding on the deck size. As a rule of thumb, your deck should not exceed 20% of your home’s square footage and should be no larger than the largest room in the house.


You can use a deck for many things. It could be a lounging space to enjoy the outdoors, a dining area to gather family members and friends, or a space where you can install a fire pit to roast marshmallows with your kids. 

For deck construction contractors, functionality determines the deck’s measurements, so tell them your purpose for the deck before the design and planning phase starts. For instance, if the deck needs to seat four to six people, about 144 square feet of space would be ideal. On the other hand, if it needs to seat 10 to 12 people, you might need around 288 to 392 square feet to have enough space for everyone, including the furniture and deck accessories.


The transition area affects the deck’s size. For example, if the deck is next to a garden, its size must not overwhelm the adjacent area. Your deck must also blend seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor space. A deck next to a patio can have natural transitional materials, such as pavers and bricks, that merge the two different areas.

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