Trends in Kitchen Appliances

This year’s trends in appliances are leaning toward sleeker more integrated appliances along with more modern, uncluttered kitchen designs. High-tech gadgets and restructured appliance design are being interfaced with innovative touch-screen technology.

Time stressed homeowners are taking notice of the new “smart stoves” and induction cooking as they offer recipe memory and speed settings, which can lower the homeowners electric bill.

For the value seeking consumers, there are many appliances that perform like multi-taskers. Distinct combinations such as a built in refrigerator with adaptable freezer or crisper drawers, steam oven, counter top microwave, and a professional range are just some of the diverse combinations we are seeing more of.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and want to know the latest trends, speak to one of our experienced designers. We can customize a kitchen so it’s perfect for your family.

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