Top 5 Basement Remodeling Ideas

As a local remodeling company, we’ve finished and remodeled countless basements, and we have had some unusual requests. The most memorable might just be adding an endless pool to the basement! Then we have homeowners who simply don’t know what’s possible or where to start. If basement remodeling or finishing is on your list of projects, here are the top five requests we’ve had over the decades.

Top 5 Basement Remodeling Ideas

Family Room/Recreation Room

As families grow or grow up, they often need more space. Creating a family room in the basement is one easy way to add living space without an addition. Family rooms can include what you need today, like toy storage and craft displays, yet be designed to grow as your family gets older. If you already have kids who have outgrown toddler toys, consider an air hockey, ping pong or billiards table for years of family fun. Of course, comfortable seating and a great surround sound system for movie watching is a must!

Home Gym

Are you tired of trekking to a gym that’s overcrowded? Why not include a home gym as all or part of your basement remodel? If you have a dancer or gymnast in the family, look at options for a practice area. A home gym can bring the whole family together and save time and money on trips to the gym.

Home Theater

With so many streaming options and movie ticket prices soaring, talk to your remodeling company about turning your space into a home theater. There are countless ways to incorporate comfortable seating for a great viewing experience – from multi-level recliners to giant couches to a combination of chairs, couches and floor seating. You can also include a popcorn machine and refrigerator for beverages.

Music Studio

Whether you’re the musician or your kids love to rock out, remodeling your basement into a music studio is a great use of the space. You can add soundproofing so that those who aren’t in the space can still enjoy their own activities without the noise. If you want to have small shows, add some comfortable seating and consider a wet bar.

Home Office

With more companies allowing remote employment, all or some of the time, your basement is a great place for work. A home office doesn’t require much space so you can include a home office with an extra bedroom or even heated storage. Talk to your remodeling company about what you do and the sort of space you need, and we’ll help you make the most use of the space you have while leaving room for your other needs. 

Of course, these are only the most requested basement remodeling ideas. We’ve also added wine cellars, man caves, crafting rooms, in-home daycares and countless other spaces to homes with unfinished or dated basements. If you’re looking at finishing or remodeling your basement in Nashua, NH, Lowell, MA, or any of the surrounding communities, call G.M. Roth Design Remodeling at (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form.

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