Supporting High Hopes Foundation through an Inspired Team

G.M. Roth Design Remodeling, on June 5th, supported a special benefit event hand in hand with High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire to raise money for children with health challenges. Some “hopes” that have been granted are computers, therapeutic hot tubs, handicap-friendly swing set, handicap accessible van, and special family trips.

Primarily operating as a volunteer group for over 30 years, High Hopes sustains and expands its mission through the support of individuals and the business community. It has been granting life-changing experiences to serious and chronically ill children and this time around the success of the event serves to affirm that they are well sustaining their “Where Hope Happens!” driving principle.

This is the same value that has warmed our hearts us to extend our support to charitable causes. In fact, in the community that we serve – Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts – we continually seek for causes that we are passionate about and find ways how we can contribute.

It is our goal to incorporate the message of benevolence into our business transactions because we believe that building relationships with charitable organizations also motivates us to make genuine connections with our customers for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Nashua NH, and other areas.

Likewise, we make it a point to get our employees on board and encourage them to give back. We believe that it is important to our morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team. When our employees love what they’re doing, they deliver a better kitchen or bathroom remodel in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We hope to inspire our customers to support High Hopes. As always, we are all in this endeavor together.

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