Remodeling Your Bathroom is a Great Investment

Are you downsizing because your home is too large for your needs now? Perhaps you are in need of a larger home to accommodate a growing family.  Whatever your needs, to be sure you will be looking closely at the bathrooms in that home you are about to invest in.

Those of us in the remodeling business have known for many years that there is always a demand for updated bathrooms.  So whether you are buying or selling, the way to maximize your investment is to have an updated bathroom.  Beautiful bathrooms do not have to be expensive unless that is what you want.  They do have to be clean and appeal visually as well as functionally. A shared bathroom or a half bath for company should have new fixtures, painted not wall papered walls, and tile or vinyl flooring based on your budget. In the half bath, a nice pedestal sink or vanity, when space allows, with a matching comfort height toilet, up to date lighting, GFCI electrical outlet, and exhaust fan are the bare necessities.  The shared bathroom can be easily updated with a beautiful tub shower combination with or without glass doors and the standard fixtures, lighting, electrical and painting.  Many older bathrooms suffer from moisture problems because they are not properly vented to the outside.  Installing an adequate exhaust fan based on the square footage of the bathroom and having it installed and properly, vented to the outside, at the gable end of the house is the best way to avoid future problems.  By having the exhaust fan on a timer, a very low cost alternative, the fan runs after the shower, as it should, to ensure the moisture in exhausted from the room.

The master bath may be the space you want to invest more of your hard earned dollars.  These tend to be more elaborate with a full porcelain tile surround in the shower area. They often include rain heads and hand held fixtures, niches in the shower walls for soap and shampoo to name a few of the extras.  We often see them with bench seating, his and hers granite counter topped vanities and functional but beautiful fixtures.  The flooring is usually porcelain or marble tile some may have radiant heating all adding to the comfort of your private space.

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