Our Customers Help Us Live Up To ‘Dream Delivered’ Promise

We are very grateful for all the nice words thrown our way about our work and customer service. They have been pouring in really kindly and I guess it won’t hurt to brag a little. This feedback from Tim and Crystal of Lowell, MA is inspiring to say the least:

“We thought it was great that G.M. Roth Design Remodeling allowed us to do as little or as much of the project as we wanted to and was supportive – not negative – about it. Matt was very flexible and understanding about working with a family that was coming and going all the time. He was very accommodating about making sure that we had a place to cook and eat at the end of every day. His craftsmanship and professionalism is outstanding. We couldn’t have survived the project without him. Jim was great about answering our multitude of questions as well as scheduling. Never did we have to wonder where contractors were and when they were coming. As I said above, we were most impressed with G.M. Roth Design Remodeling’s striving for perfection.”

But like all harried souls of Massachusetts and New Hampshire that we have worked with we demand time to sit down with them so that we can thoroughly discuss our process.

We make it a point to educate our customers. Every staff in the team is knowledgeable to answer customers’ most common questions about kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Massachusetts and New Hampshire regarding prices, problems, and available options. We update them in light of new technologies in the home improvement industry. This is an opportunity for us to get to know our customers better and develop their trust. Aside from Tim and Crystal, we are elated to have earned another one from Frank & Kathy of Wakefield, MA:

“From the start everyone we worked with at G.M. Roth Design Remodeling was knowledgeable and professional. Gerry, you took the time to visit our house to see our space and listen to our vision and wish list. You encouraged us to show you concepts from kitchen magazines that we felt represented our style and spoke to us at length about how we typically use our kitchen. Heidi was incredibly patient with our questions and concerns regarding the many choices and options available to us. Jim assured us at the start that he would be available to resolve any issues or concerns throughout the project. Matt always took the time to answer our many, many daily questions.”

By dispensing tailored suggestions and addressing common (and often difficult) questions in such an up-front way, I guess our customers can say that we are serious about what we do. You see, in an environment of increased transparency, developing customer trust requires managing interactions and, I guess, this transparency works both ways because, in turn, our customers will get to know far more about us – that’s how we see trust is built up.

Here and now, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling sees an even bigger challenge in getting all the functions of the organization to work together to create the most value from customer feedbacks and insights. We keep detailed profiles of customers and then use these insights to customize our services and offers for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in MA and NH. This way we are able to know far more about our customers by analyzing all the data we collect on them. We also intend to maximize the use of our blog to post educational articles offering information to make our customers’ decision process easier.

In keeping with our “Dream Delivered” pledge, our goal is to go beyond the usual service and certainly our customers are helping us live up to this promise.

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