Kitchen Remodeling Tips from the Experts: Choosing the Right Layout

Perhaps the hardest part of kitchen remodeling is getting started! You know your current kitchen layout doesn’t work for you, but how do you get started with one that does? The best way to start designing your dream kitchen is to work with a local, licensed design-build company. A contractor who has both designers and builders on staff streamlines the process. Before speaking with a designer, start by considering your current space and what works – and doesn’t work – for you.

kitchen remodeling tips from the experts choosing the right layout

Your Space

The first consideration is the space you have to work with. If you’re not planning a home addition, your design options are limited by the existing space. The next limitation for many homeowners is budget. Moving gas, water and electric can eat up a significant portion of a budget.

The current layout of your kitchen likely was influenced by space available and design trends of the time. Common kitchen layouts fall into five general categories: single wall, galley, horseshoe, L-shaped or peninsula. If kitchen remodeling is part of a bigger project that includes opening up your floor plan, your layout options are greatly increased.

Single wall, also known as Pullman kitchens, are just as they sound: a kitchen that has everything situated against one wall. These, along with galley and horseshoe kitchens, are typical in smaller spaces. If you need more counter space in a Pullman kitchen, consider adding an island. Removing a wall from the galley or horseshoe kitchen allows for almost any style and for more countertop space and cabinets if you have space you can expand into.

The biggest limitation of transforming an L-shaped kitchen into a modern kitchen is typically your budget. L-shaped kitchens generally have a good amount of square footage but lack useable space. Many homeowners add either an island or peninsula to the L, which provides for more counter space while still keeping the open floor plan.

The Island

One of the most popular requests in kitchen remodeling is to add an island – and they can be added in almost all kitchen layouts. When you have the square footage in the kitchen to add an island, the options are virtually limitless. Many homeowners put their cooktop in the island, while others use it as prep space and add a small sink, refrigerator and trash.  No matter how you outfit your island, make sure you have the proper space to walk around it, and that the neighboring appliances and cabinets can be accessed without issue.

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