Inspiring Signs That Our Customers Actually Trust Us

We thought of starting this post by revisiting our Mission Statement:

Improving the lives of our clients by designing and building premium remodeling projects that transform their house into their dream home.

We will build long term relationships based on trust and total customer satisfaction. 

Wonderful words along this line are usually left to hang on a company’s lobby wall for posterity’s sake. We do that, and more. We go back every day to read and reread our mission statement and check if we are living up to our promise. Yes, we are constantly on our toes mastering our mission and it looks like a couple of customer testimonials are giving us the hint that we are delivering the goods:

“I hope they keep up their present status of reliability, timeliness, and an imaginable work space. That is hard to find in a market like today.”
– Don & Cardyn D, Hudson, NH

“I have never worked with any company that has been so concerned with details and doing the job to our satisfaction. It was a great experience. They were great people to work with.”
– Frank & Martha M, Medford, MA

In our constant pursuit to maintain high standards of customer service and building quality, we have affiliated with Guild Quality, a community of builders, remodelers, contractors and real estate companies. In the recent result of the continuing customer satisfaction survey initiated by the group, we have earned a 92.4% Recommendation Rating, hence G.M. Roth Design Remodeling was granted the highest “Guild Master with Distinction.”

We also believe that our numerous awards for design excellence are a testament of our continued dedication to quality. Since 1996, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling has stashed quite a load of accolades for design excellence. In 2012 alone, we won 4 Gold Awards for Kitchen, Bath and Residential Remodels. Still, we count on the delight on the face of our customer every time we turn over a finished kitchen remodeling in New Hampshire or Massachusetts as the most precious reward there is.

To make sure that our expectations are in line with our mission, we give our employees the necessary resources to deliver their work. Our designers further their education and training to sharpen their skills, and to acquire the latest trends and techniques in design.

The compliments thrown at us and the excellent work for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in NH or MA that we continuously deliver—all of these are encouraging signs we indeed are trusted by the people we work for, the customers who dreams we help deliver. It’s about time you discover why you should also trust G.M. Roth Design Remodeling for all your remodeling needs. Give us call today.

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