Incorporating Furniture Elements in Your Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

If you’re looking to create some visual interest in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, consider adding some furniture elements to your cabinets. Adding subtle decorative elements can also influence the feel of the space. There are several ways to make your cabinetry appear more like furniture.

Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Decorative Legs

Adding legs or feet to the front of the cabinets can give them a more formal look. It can also extend the décor of your bedroom into your bathroom. Legs on cabinets can either be attached to the front or support a smaller cabinet or drawers. Some bathroom vanities with legs also include open shelving below the sink area. Decorative legs can also make a kitchen bar area on an island look more like a table. Consider adding legs to the overhang rather than support brackets underneath for a different look. A good cabinet designer can incorporate this look without creating an opportunity for dust to gather under the cabinet, like it would do with a piece of furnature.

Creative Islands

As you begin to develop your kitchen remodeling plans, think about your island. If your island is between your eating area and kitchen, you might want to dress it up like a buffet on the side facing the dining area. Add decorative inlays, drawers, and cabinets to create storage in the dining area without an additional piece of furniture.

If the island is located in your kitchen, filling an island with drawers not only provides great storage but gives a different look. Storage for cookbooks and knick-knacks can go on bookshelves on the ends of the island. Adding furniture elements while kitchen remodeling brings a warm feeling to the room.

Hide Your Range Hood

A kitchen range hood doesn’t always fit with the style of the kitchen but is a necessity. One solution is to hide it by covering it with the same material as your cabinets and adding a mantle or shelves. This can create a unique look and beautifully decorated focal point. With today’s cooktop options growing more powerful, a good designer will know to incorporate “make up air”, to offset the air that is being taken out for the room by hoods that are 400CFM or higher. If this detail is missed (as it often is) it can be a real set back after your kitchen remodeling project has started (and you are out of a working kitchen).

The options for adding furniture elements during your kitchen or bathroom remodel are limited only by your cabinet company and designer. Let your designer know what you’re looking for so they can guide you to the right cabinet manufacturer early in the process. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling works with many cabinet manufacturers on custom cabinets with a variety of options. Call us today to get started designing your new kitchen or bath at (603) 880-3761.

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