How a Residential Remodeling Project Can Impact Your Foundation

Depending on when and how your home was constructed, your residential remodeling project may impact your foundation. That’s because unless your home was built on a concrete slab, adding or removing a wall changes the structure of your home. As you consider structural changes as part of your home renovation plans, be sure your contractor is qualified to evaluate and make these changes since changes to your foundation may be involved.

How a Residential Remodeling Project Can Impact Your Foundation

Understanding Foundations

The construction of homes with crawl spaces and basements is very similar in that both require foundation walls set below the frost line to support weight bearing walls. Generally, a post connects to a beam in the floor supporting that portion of the weight above. A builder does not randomly set the posts in the ground; a great deal of planning goes into placement in order to support the structure properly. If you have a finished basement, walls may conceal where the posts are located. When you remove, or move walls in the floor above during a home renovation, you change the weight distribution (or load) on each pier or post. This may require an additional post or even an enlarged beam to preserve the structural integrity of your home.

Trust the Home Renovation Experts

If you tear out a small kitchen and enlarge it – adding granite countertops, heavy cabinetry and additional appliances – the load on that area of the home changes. Older homes simply were not designed to have large amounts of weight in a concentrated area. A properly qualified contractor will create a design that will add additional support below the home, such as in the crawl space or in the basement, to support the kitchen renovation.

Bathroom remodeling may also impact the foundation. Granite countertops and tile can add significant weight. If your home had vinyl flooring and you’re adding tile, the additional weight of the tile, mortar and grout can be as much as five pounds per square foot! Compared to older vinyl that weighs almost nothing, heavy porcelain tile throughout your bathroom can significantly impact the floor framing in one small area.

When you work with a skilled design build firm that understands structural load, they will know how to preserve your foundation. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling has expert staff members who are educated on the impact your home renovation may have on your foundation and will include any necessary changes in your scope of work, preventing unwelcome surprises down the road. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 to get started with an in-home consultation.

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