Expert Tips to Maximize Natural Light in Any Room

Unless you’re in the basement or a small interior room, chances are the room you’re in has at least one window. Natural light improves mood, brightens a room and makes the space feel larger – but how do you capitalize on this element? Here are a few decorator tips used by home remodeling experts to help maximize natural light in your home.

Expert Tips to Maximize Natural Light in Any Room

 Curtains and Blinds

Although we want the option of natural light in a room, sometimes we need privacy. Therefore most windows have some sort of covering. The color and type of window treatment you select greatly affects the amount of natural light that reaches the room. If you’re using curtains and want to maximize light, try a light-colored, flowing material. Sheer and linen curtains let in some light even when closed. If you prefer blinds or shades, look for semi-translucent options – a solar shade with a 5% translucency lets you see out but blocks direct sunlight.


Wall paint color and the color of your furnishings both absorb light, and can make a room feel darker than it actually is. Although a current trend is to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall, but if maximizing natural light is important consider painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls, or just go with traditional white for the ceiling. If your home remodeling budget includes new furnishings, look for lighter colored fabrics on large pieces like couches or bedspreads. Keep dark or contrasting tones to smaller, accent pieces in the room.


Mirrors are a great way to maximize natural light and aren’t limited to bathroom remodeling projects. Any wall is perfect for a decorative mirror. If a mirror isn’t to your taste, look for artwork that is made of metal, as any reflective surface will enhance the natural light in the room.

Window Maintenance

Clean windows let in more light than dirty ones. If you have little hands or noses that smudge the windows regularly, try to keep them clean. Don’t forget to wash them from the outside to remove pollen and dirt that builds up seasonally. If your home remodeling budget includes new windows, consider double-hung windows for easy, tilt-in cleaning. Trimming back hedges or trees that directly impact the light coming into the room will also allow more light.


If you have a vaulted ceiling or are in a single-story home, skylights are a great way to increase light and add ventilation. Careful selection and proper installation of a skylight is critical to avoid potential maintenance issues down the road, so be sure to consult with the right window/roofing expert before deciding on this option.

These tips and tricks should help your room feel brighter when planned properly for your remodeling project. If you are looking for home remodeling or bathroom remodeling that includes more than a new mirror and paint, contact G.M. Roth Design Remodeling for your in-home consultation at (603) 880-3761.

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