DIY Remodeling Ideas that are Under $500

Some homeowners remodel to modernize their space, while others make changes due to an evolving family. If you’d love to make a change to your home but hiring a remodeling contractor isn’t in the budget at this time, there are many things you can do yourself. Consider one or more of these updates for your home.

DIY Remodeling Ideas that are Under 500

New Lighting

There are a few ways to update the lighting in your home. The easiest and least expensive is to change out the type of bulbs you’re using. The most advanced bulbs cast warm or cool tones in a room to create different “colors” of light. Another inexpensive and easy option to create the right mood in a room is to add a dimmer switch.

If your light fixtures are old and dated, there are many stylish options available. Keep in mind that when you replace one fixture in a room, you may need to replace others in the same area. You want to present the updated style throughout the space.

While swapping out bulbs is a safe and easy project for any homeowner, replacing switches or light fixtures does involve some basic wiring and electrical knowledge and should only be undertaken by the more experienced do-it-yourselfer. Always be sure to turn off the breaker before beginning any electrical work.

Updated Faucets

Your faucets may be showing their age as the finish wears or they begin to leak. It only takes a few tools and about an hour of labor to replace a faucet. As you begin looking at new options, take these steps before making a purchase.

  1. Note the holes in the sink. Some sinks have just one opening for a single-hand operation and some have three. Look below the sink, not just at the existing faucet.
  2. Measure the distance between the holes. Different faucets have different spacing and you want the same measurements. If you’re replacing a kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer, you can buy a cover to close that hole and choose a newer style faucet with an integrated sprayer.
  3. Consider other nearby accents. If you are replacing a bathroom faucet, look at the door and cabinet knobs, towel bars, and shower or tub faucets. Don’t vary too much from the finishes on these accessories unless you intend on replacing them as well.

Replacing plumbing fixtures isn’t for all homeowners. Only consider doing this yourself if you have some basic plumbing knowledge and always locate the shut-off before getting started. In older homes keep in mind that the shut-off valve may not work properly so you may need to be prepared to cap it in this event.

Stylish Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Perhaps the easiest change to make for a mini kitchen remodel or bath update is to replace the knobs and pulls on your cabinets. You’ll only need a screwdriver to make this big change. A word of caution: if you have pulls with two screws, take the time to measure the spacing as you will want to purchase the same size. Keep in mind that if the new hardware is smaller where it contacts the cabinet, an area of discoloration may be revealed due to aging process of the exposed cabinet.

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