Classics live forever; build that comfortable bathroom that you’ll never want to leave

People spend a lot of their time in the bathroom but very few take its design seriously. Most are satisfied with plain white or grey, with only the most necessary features (shower, toilet, faucet), and nothing to complement the design of the house or the preferences of the occupants. However, making the effort for your bathroom has its perks; for instance, did you know that increasing the physical and visual comfort level of your personal spaces will improve your productivity throughout the day?

classics live forever build that comfortable bathroom that youll never want to leave 1

Making the jump toward bathroom remodelling in NH is a bold leap because there are tons of design choices out there that are equally appealing. Here’s a great one that won the bath design of the year award, featured in New Hampshire Home magazine:

Judges said: “This was a bold statement using a classical language. The room has a thorough conviction to the period detail. The use of the woodwork (pilasters, trim, ceiling moldings) to create a framework within which the various bathroom elements sit was very well achieved. Use of color and material enhanced the light, airiness of the space.”

Comfortable bathroom

Classical designs never die, and that’s especially true for the bathroom. Since it’s a space primarily for various necessary functions, you shouldn’t try to adorn it with too much color or overwhelming shine. The main idea should always be to promote comfort and relaxation and you should never compromise the bathroom’s practical purposes.

If you’re ready to commit to a project for bathroom remodeling in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, trust G.M. Roth Design Remodeling for all your design and construction needs. Our company has been helping residents in the area achieve their dream home looks for over 27 years, and we have all the credentials to prove the quality of our work. If you’d like to get more ideas, take a look at this other article on our blog about New Hampshire Home magazine’s kitchen of the year: /industry-news/kitchen-remodeling-isnt-all-about-flash-and-gimmicks/

(Article Excerpt and Image from 2014 Kitchen Design Winner: Hillside Vacation Home, New Hampshire Home, March-April 2014)

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