Choosing a Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

As you begin your bathroom remodel, you probably have an idea of what you’d like the space to feel like. Perhaps you’re looking to create a soft spa feel or a modern European style. A great place to start setting the tone for a bathroom is with the vanity. Comprised of cabinet, sink and countertop, your vanity can become the focal point of your remodeled bathroom, while adding much needed storage space.

Choosing a Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

Cabinet Options

Often the cabinet is selected first and then the countertop and sink are designed to complete the vanity. The space available influences the size of the vanity, but you should work with a properly trained bath designer who will consider how drawers and doors will open. Keep in mind that the darker the color of your cabinet, the smaller the space will feel. Also make sure that the vanity has the proper finish to withstand the humid environment of a bathroom.

There are three primary cabinet styles. The most common is a cabinet set directly on the floor. Another option is one with legs so that will appear to be a piece of furniture, and lastly is the wall-mounted cabinet. As you choose a cabinet, you’ll also need to choose the height of the vanity. Extended height vanities are very popular with homeowners today. A good designer will know the right questions to ask to know what the height of your vanity should be since shorter and taller options are available.

Sink and Countertop

Choosing the sink and countertop needs to be done thoughtfully as the sink generally compliments the counter. Countertop fabrication is dependent upon type and style of sink chosen which could be either an under mount or a drop in. Remember, a sink does not have to be in the middle of the counter. Sometimes functionality or appearance dictate it be placed slightly to one side or the other, especially if you plan on having anything on the countertop. In addition, now is the time to pick a faucet that works with the rest of the elements in the bathroom, taking into consideration that it will need to fit properly between the sink and the backsplash of the countertop.

With careful product selection for your space and working with the best bath remodelers around, you can have just the bath you’ve always dreamed of. G.M. Roth Design Remodeling specializes in bathroom remodeling throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With our 10-step process, we can truly deliver on your dreams. Call us today at (603) 880-3761 to schedule your free consultation.

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