Where Are the Best Places to Install a Half Bath?

A full bathroom has a sink, toilet, tub, and shower. On the other hand, a half bath only has a toilet and sink. This addition is ideal for larger families and people who love hosting parties and gatherings. It can also add more value to your property, which is beneficial when it’s time to sell.  

where are the best places to install a half bath

Here are some of the best locations for creating a half bath. 

Existing Bathroom

You need a space of at least 5 feet × 6 feet for a standard toilet, sink, and tub. If you have a large bathroom, you can borrow some space from it for your new half bath.


Many times, hallways are not utilized enough. The perfect place for your half bath could be the unused spot at the end of a hallway. Usually, this area already has a window and has up to 40 square feet of space, which is enough for your addition. 

Adjoining Closet or Walk-In Closet

Do you have an adjoining closet that’s at least 4 feet × 4 feet? If so, that could be ideal for your half bath. Another location to consider for your addition is an oversized walk-in closet. Your contractor could convert it into a bathroom after some structural alterations. 

Below a Staircase

Another place in your home that is typically underused is the area under the stairs. This option is great for houses with an enclosed foyer leading to entertaining areas. However, you must have sufficient headroom and good ventilation. You want to have at least 5 feet of space above the toilet. Be sure to install the sink on the tallest wall so people wouldn’t bump their heads.  

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