Tips for Selecting Your Bathroom Cabinetry & Sinks

Over the past few blogs, we’ve laid out the flooring and countertop options for your bathroom remodeling project. Today, we’re going to look at cabinetry and sink options. There was a time when the only cabinet was the vanity, but in today’s remodels, people often choose a cabinet over a linen closet, which makes cabinetry a bigger element in the remodel. Here are some tips on choosing the right cabinets and sink.

Your Cabinetry

Most homeowners have an idea of what style they want for their new bathroom. Keep in mind that no matter what style you’re going for, you need to choose a cabinet that can withstand moisture. Here are some tips for choosing the right cabinets based on some common bathroom remodeling styles.

  • Modern – If your style is modern, you want a clean look, so choose a flat-front cabinet. White or colored lacquer finishes are a great option. Black is another clean and modern option.
  • Beach or Spa – Keep the cabinets light-colored. As for style, you can choose either a Shaker-style cabinet or one with softer curves, depending on the rest of the décor.
  • Traditional – Shaker-style cabinets are one of the most traditional looks. You can go with a wood finish of any color for a traditional look.
  • Industrial – Choose any of the modern cabinet options or metal. Metal is especially industrial but will require more frequent cleaning than other finishes, especially when there’s condensation in the bathroom. 


Until recently, you had limited options for a bathroom sink. Now sinks are as varied as cabinets. Here are some sink ideas you can choose. 

  • Drop-in – A drop-in sink is just as described; it drops into the hole cut into the countertop. It’s most common with laminate countertops.
  • Undermount – This is more common today than any other option and used frequently with natural and cultured stone countertops.
  • Integrated – Some solid-surface materials like cultured marble include the sink and backsplash in the form, so you won’t need a sink if this is your choice. Some people prefer this option for easy cleaning.
  • Vessel – Growing in popularity, a vessel sink is similar to a bowl sitting on top of the counter. They are available in metal, glass, ceramic and other materials and countless colors and designs. 

Make sure to talk to your design-build company about how various options work with your countertop choice.

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