Tips for an Amazing Half Bathroom Remodel

A half bath isn’t often the object of attention. Even the professionals who designed and built your home likely didn’t put much thought into it. You can change that! You can create a space that reflects your personality, style or becomes a fun feature in your home with a bathroom remodel. 

tips for an amazing half bathroom remodel

Small Spaces Can Have Style

Powder rooms, also known as half baths, are small by their very nature. All they include is a sink and toilet, neither of which take up much space. Because of that, they are often squeezed between rooms, in a hallway or somewhere else they will fit. However, just because they’re not a space everyone sees every day doesn’t mean they need to be plain or boring. And, because they have a door that mostly remains closed, they can have a style all their own without taking away from the look of the rest of the home. 

Just like a master bath remodel or secondary full bathroom remodel, you’ll have to decide if you are moving the elements in the space or leaving them where they are. Due to size constraints, it’s most common when remodeling a powder room to leave the space with the same layout. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace the elements in the space. A new toilet can save money, as newer toilets use less water. We recommend that if you’re doing a bathroom remodel of any type, you should replace your sink and vanity.

Fun Features

Because a powder room is small and often tucked out of the way, this is the place to have a little fun with your décor. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go wild with wallpaper. Love parrots? Kangaroos? Outer space? Find a wallpaper that excites you. If you think it’s too much for the whole space, add a chair rail and paper the top half of the room or one feature wall. Wallpaper is once again a trending item.
  • Be bold. If wallpaper isn’t something you’re keen on, consider bold colors. Paint the space something dramatic. Or if you prefer plain and tasteful walls, pick a vanity in your favorite hue. Another fun way to be bold is with geometric tile in a unique pattern or bright color.
  • Add an unexpected element. Instead of plain and ordinary, look at a stone vessel sink. Mount the faucet to the wall instead of the sink or vanity. Add mirrors around the room. Repurpose an old side table as the vanity with a stylish sink.
  • Experiment with tile. Consider unique shapes, fun patterns or even mosaics. Because the floor in a half bath is small, even if you choose something pricy, it’s not going to cost a fortune.

There are many ways to have fun while remodeling a bathroom. You’re only limited by your imagination and the availability of the item you’re looking for in your budget.

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