Rethinking Your Bathroom Vanity & Sink

Bathroom vanities haven’t changed much in the past decades but if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you do have options that look different than the cabinet and sink you have today. Today’s bathroom cabinets, also known as vanities, come in many styles to fit different needs, tastes and décor styles. Talk to a bathroom remodeling company about some of these options before you finalize your design.

rethinking your bathroom vanity sink

4 Vanity Options

Furniture-Style Vanity

A furniture-style vanity is any vanity that sits on the floor on legs, like a dresser might, rather than on the floor, like a traditional vanity. Many vanities of this style include more exterior design incorporated into the drawer and door fronts. Although many cabinet manufacturers offer furniture-style vanities, that’s not the only option. If you have an old dresser or credenza you love, consider repurposing it as your vanity. If you’re not familiar with this sort of thing, there are many craftspeople who can help. Just make sure that the paint and finish they use will hold up in the humid conditions of the bathroom. 

Floating Vanity

If your goal for your bathroom remodel is a modern or contemporary feel, this is an option to consider. A floating vanity mounts to the wall rather than sitting on the floor. Some people feel that it makes the bathroom look bigger because the floors go all the way to the wall. If you’re planning underfloor heating for your bathroom, it is a great option as you’ll have access to the whole floor should you need it. Of course, you’ll need to clean under it, which some find a disadvantage; however, we feel it’s easier to clean under this than the molding of a vanity that sits on the floor.

Open Vanity

This is a great option for a secondary bathroom, especially a guest bath. An open vanity has either one or two shelves beneath it. The open shelving invites your guests to take and use what they need without feeling like they’re snooping in cabinets and drawers. However, it doesn’t provide you with any space to tuck things out of sight.

Vessel Sink

For the past few years, the vessel-style sink has become a more common request. It is a great option for a modern and contemporary space. However, it doesn’t work with a traditional vanity. You either need a floating vanity mounted relatively low or a shorter vanity. This is because the vessel sink sits on the countertop, and you need to account for those extra four to 10 inches that the sink sits above the countertop. One feature we love with the vessel sink is the wall-mounted faucet. It’s not necessary for all vessel sinks but it can be used with all.

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