How to Ensure You Love Your Bathroom Remodel

In our last blog, we gave you some tips to help you achieve a successful kitchen remodel; now it’s time to do the same with bathroom remodeling. As experienced bathroom remodelers, we’ve helped homeowners transform countless master, hall and half baths over the many years we’ve been remodeling homes. 

How to Ensure You Love Your Bathroom Remodel

Don’t Over-Include Trendy Elements

Right now, two trends we’re seeing are gold faucets and unique backsplashes. Although either can contribute to a stunning new bathroom, using them together – especially in a smaller bathroom – can prove overwhelming. There’s nothing wrong with picking a trend or two in any remodel; however, make sure they’re not competing with one another as a feature in the space. 

Consider How Lighting Will Enhance the Space

One of the most common complaints we hear about bathrooms is that they are dark. Until recently, most designers only included a light over the vanity and, occasionally, a combination light/exhaust fan. This often made for a fairly dark bathroom unless you are right in front of the vanity. Talk with your remodelers about natural light. Is there a way to include it in your remodel? If not, other options include can lighting and wall sconces. 

What Do You Need in Your Bathroom Remodel?

If we were to ask 10 families what they need in their new bathroom, we’ll likely get 10 different answers! What are you looking for? More storage space? Do you wish you had a bigger tub – or no tub at all? Bathroom remodeling is about your needs and wants, not what everyone else is doing. Although we do recommend keeping one tub in the home, if you don’t want one in the bathroom you’re remodeling, that’s fine. Your remodelers can make great use of that space, whether it’s for a large walk-in shower, second vanity or even storage. 

Quality Elements Make a Difference Long-Term

We understand that quality costs more and you’re on a budget, however, in a bathroom, quality matters. You use your vanity, fixtures and faucets on a daily basis. Repeated exposure to humidity can lead to paint peeling and veneer warping, among other things. Spending a little more on a vanity that’s meant to go in a bathroom makes sense over replacing one that breaks down in a few years because it is not well-made. The same can be said of lighting and faucets. If you have to cut your budget, consider a lower-cost tile or simplified installation pattern, not cheap features.

Color Can Change the Look & Feel of the Space

One of the biggest mistakes made during bathroom remodeling is the use of color. Remember that a small space will feel smaller when you choose dark colors. If you want a space to have a certain feel, color can help with that. Many couples want their bathroom to have a spa-like feel or a beachy feel. We help them choose colors that emphasize that, along with the style of the other elements in the space. 

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