How to Choose the Right Shower Seating

A shower seat or bench is more than just a seat placed in the shower. With the right configuration, it can be used for storage and for extended accessibility. In today’s post, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling shares a quick guide on choosing the right seating for your shower.

How to Choose the Right Shower Seating


Shower seats can be made from virtually any material that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. The following are among the most commonly used:

  • Wood. Wooden shower seats add elegance and warmth, but they have high maintenance requirements. Untreated wood is vulnerable to rot and other problems associated with exposure to moisture.
  • Metal. Metal seating is a durable option. Stainless steel and copper seats are ideal for bathroom use because they’re corrosion-resistant. They can also be built as folding or hideaway seats to save space. Some people find metal seats uncomfortable because they become cold to the touch when not in use. They are also susceptible to water stains from hard water.
  • Tile and stone. The best way to incorporate a shower seat into the bathroom design is to build one made from the same materials as the rest of the shower. It’s important to note that tiles can have sharp edges, which underlines the importance of proper grouting.

Seat Customization

With a bathroom remodeler, you can configure a bathroom seat to whatever fits your needs. While you can purchase seats off-the-shelf, custom shower seats offer several advantages. In addition to the aforementioned choice of materials, you can choose the size and capacity, as well as functional and aesthetic features.

For small to medium-size showers, a folding shower seat takes up no floor space, which can help you get the most out of your bathroom space. You can even have it designed so it blends in with the wall when folded. However, a folding shower seat may not be ideal for people who have difficulty bending over — this is where a full seat is best. Since it’s a fixed installation, you can use the space under the seat for storage. A custom cabinet or drawer system can help its contents out of sight.

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