Bathroom Remodel or Bath Addition? How to Choose

The time has come when you realize that your family can’t stay in your home with the current bathroom situation. Now you’re faced with the decision of moving, building a bath addition or bathroom remodeling. If the only thing you don’t love about your home is the bathroom situation, then you probably should consider either remodeling or an addition!

Bathroom Remodel or Bath Addition How to Choose

How to Choose

The two biggest deciding factors for most families are budget and space. A bathroom remodel of a secondary bathroom can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. However, a bath addition will cost two to three times as much, depending on whether you’re utilizing space already in your home or adding onto your home.

When it comes down to space, if you have a room or closet or other area of your home that’s ideal to carve out space for a bathroom, that may be the right solution. If you know your bath addition will include adding onto your home but it’s a part of a larger remodeling project, then that may be the best way to approach your bathroom needs.

Remodeling Can Create More Efficient Space

Let’s assume that your issue is multiple children sharing one bathroom. Someone takes too long in the shower, which inconveniences everyone trying to style their hair or brush their teeth. Consider rearranging the space so the toilet and tub/shower are separated from the sink by a door. Sometimes this means removing the tub and installing a smaller stand-up shower, and other times it means removing some storage. There are many options when you have an experienced bathroom remodeling company helping you.

If your need is an additional sink, there are a few ways to go about this. One is to add an additional sink to the vanity area if the bathroom has enough space to do so. Another is to add a dressing area to an adjoining bedroom. In this dressing area, add a vanity a with a sink, which solves the overcrowded bathroom situation with an additional sink plus additional storage.

Bath Addition Solutions

Older homes tend to have one hall bathroom and one master bathroom. In newer homes, the ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms is much higher. Homeowners who need another bathroom often think that they don’t have the space for a bath addition. However, when you bring in a remodeling company with experience in home and bathroom remodeling, they can help you find and create space. 

It looks different in every situation. One of the most popular solutions is adding a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom between two existing bedrooms. Another option is to completely reconfigure a portion of the living space to reallocate the space to include the right number and types of spaces you need. Of course, if you need a bathroom on the ground floor, a home addition may be the right solution.

We’re an Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Company

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