5 Questions & Answers About Tile Grout

As you and your remodelers work on planning the elements of your bathroom remodel, chances are good that you’ll have tile somewhere in your bathroom. If you have tile, that means there will be grout. We have remodeled bathrooms from Amherst to Manchester and have answered countless design questions over the years. Some of the most common are about tile grout! Today, we’re answering the ones we get most often.

5 questions answers about tile grout

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Grout & Mortar?

These are two necessary items for tile installation. The mortar goes beneath the tile and attaches it to the subfloor. Grout goes between the tiles once the mortar is set. In most installations, we recommend waiting 48 hours after the mortar installation before grouting. It is key to the success of the installation that you stay off the floor during that time.

What Is the Difference Between Sanded & Non-Sanded Grout?

Most grout colors come in both sanded and non-sanded options. Even if your entire bathroom remodel uses the same tile, you may need both sanded and non-sanded grout. Sanded grout is generally recommended on all flooring installations and any wide tile joints. Sanded grout is considered more durable. Non-sanded grout is best for small joists (1/8” or less) and wall installations.

How Far Apart Should My Tiles Be?

This is the same as asking, “How big should my tile joints be?” Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference, generally, the location of the tile, the shape of the tile and the look you’re attempting to achieve will influence the answer. For wood-look tile, most homeowners choose as little grout as possible so that it does look like a wood floor.

Large-format tiles generally have larger joints. If you have a solid tile, you may want to use the grout color as contrast, so you may choose something larger. Natural stone tiles look more natural with smaller joints. Again, choose what appeals to you over what’s standard. Your remodelers can show you what different joint sizes will look like.

What Color Grout Should I Choose?

This is the most difficult question to answer. Keep in mind that dark grout won’t appear dirty as quickly as light grout. However, the tile color and whether you’re looking to create contrast within the tile pattern will be the biggest deciding factors. The worst place to view a grout color is online. Many tile stores have printed brochures which are a better representation. However, the best option is the grout pieces made by the manufacturers as they are the most accurate.

Should I Seal My Grout?

Grout sealing is a misunderstood concept. It is much like wax on a car. That means you still need to clean your tile and grout regularly. It also means you need to reseal your grout. Most grout sealant manufacturers recommend annual resealing.

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