5 Design Features Recommended by Experienced Bathroom Remodelers

We’ve been bathroom remodelers for decades and have seen trends come and go. However, there are some features that have been around for nearly as long that are still a great idea for any bathroom remodel. We have also begun incorporating a few new design features that we believe will stay around for years to come. 

5 Design Features Recommended by Experienced Bathroom Remodelers

Shower Niches

Over the past decade, builders and designers have gotten smarter about how to make a shower more efficient. Adding a shower niche to hold shampoo, soap and other things you need in the shower is a far better solution than buying a metal rack to hang over a showerhead. The niche looks great and, when working with bathroom remodelers on your new space, you can design one the size you desire. Or, you can add one for each partner in the master bathroom.

Shower Seats

Look at any tiled custom shower over five years old and you’ll see what pretends to be a seat. Typically, it’s just 8-10 inches wide – hardly enough to sit on. If you want more than just a ledge to lean on, talk to your remodeling company about the width you need or want. Sometimes a corner seat works in a space and, other times, adding a seat that is 12-15 inches across one side of the shower is an ideal solution.

Heated Floors

Depending on the age of your current bathroom, you may have linoleum or tile floors. If you’ve gotten up in the middle of a New England winter and walked on a tile floor, you know that tile can be cold. Adding heated floors as part of your bathroom remodeling plan is a choice you won’t regret. While you are planning heating floors, also consider a heated towel bar for a bit of luxury after every shower.

An Upgraded Showerhead

This is one of the smallest investments you can make in your new bathroom. However, it’s one that you will truly love. Everyone has a different idea of what makes for a perfect shower, which is why a showerhead with multiple settings and one that can be removed is a smart choice when remodeling. If you want something special, consider multiple showerheads or a rainfall shower from above and spa jets on the shower walls. 

Specialized Outlets

We all have many gadgets. Some require different types of charging than others. Now is the time to talk to your bathroom remodelers about your needs. Don’t just think about the types of outlets, but also their location. One feature that is available in some vanities is outlets and storage for hair dryers and curling irons in the drawers. In addition to the convenience factor, it makes for a much neater space.

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