4 Staples of Modern Bathroom Remodeling

We’ve talked about various kitchen styles many times but never discussed what the term “modern bathroom remodeling” means. Just like any other design-related term, it’s a bit subjective. You may think that just making a space more functional and modern-looking is all it takes. However, even though the average American bathroom is only about 75 square feet, there are a lot more features you can pack into this small space to modernize it. Here are some you’ll want to consider and discuss with your remodeling company.


Many builders skimped on light in the bathroom. In a secondary or smaller bathroom, you may only have vanity lights. If there is any way to add natural light, consider it – even if it’s a small transom window above the shower or a solar tube. You’ll be amazed at how natural light changes the look and feel of any space, especially a smaller bathroom. Ask your remodeling company if natural light is an option for your remodel.

If natural light isn’t an option, look at other ways to add light to the room. One way is installing can lighting in addition to the vanity lights. Mirrors are another a great way to make a space feel brighter. If your space currently has only a small mirror, look at larger options or even adding a mirror over a tub or in another unexpected place to reflect more light.


Most homeowners planning a bathroom remodeling project already know they want natural stone for their countertops. One of the most modern options is marble. Not only can you use it for countertops, but also for walls, the shower and even the shower floors. The light color of marble brightens any space. The distinctive veining is a look that can’t be matched by synthetic products.


There are several ways to incorporate metals into your bathroom. The most common is in faucets, fixtures and towel bars. Here are a few other ways metal can modernize your space:

  • Use it as your backsplash rather than tile
  • Choose a tub with a metal finish 
  • Select a vessel-style sink made of metal
  • Framed mirrors
  • Doorknobs & cabinet pulls
  • Cabinet fronts

With fewer design rules than ever before, you may even consider mixing metals for a truly bold look. Just choose one dominant metal and use a secondary one to accent the primary metal.

Spa Shower

This may be the most common modern bathroom remodeling request we get from couples. A spa shower always has more than just a standard showerhead. Some homeowners ask for a rainfall shower. Others want jets built into the shower wall, while some ask for two (or more) standard showerheads on opposite walls.

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