Should You Enlarge Your Home’s Footprint or Add a Second Story?

When you love where you live but crave more space, the decision to enlarge your home’s footprint or add a second story can be daunting. Many homeowners often face this dilemma, and if you find yourself in this situation as well, this blog post highlights some of the key considerations to make this significant decision easier.

Should You Enlarge Your Home's Footprint or Add a Second Story?

Evaluating Your Property and Zoning Laws

Assess the size of your property and local zoning laws before dreaming up the extra bedroom or expanded living area. Building out might be the perfect solution if you have ample yard space to accommodate extra square footage for a larger kitchen or bathroom. But if you’re close to property lines or restricted by ordinances, expanding your home’s boundaries may not be feasible, requiring you to build up.

Cost Considerations

A critical aspect of your decision will involve evaluating costs. Generally, building up is less expensive as it does not require a new foundation. However, expenses may inflate if you need to upgrade the existing structure to support additional weight.

In contrast, building out often involves extensive site work, like laying a new foundation, which can escalate costs. Yet, the potential to stay in your home during construction could save on alternative living expenses.

Maximizing Space

When considering whether to build up or out, think about the anticipated gain in usable square footage. Sometimes, adding a second story might not yield the spacious feel you’re looking for, especially in smaller homes with a limited footprint. Expanding outward can offer the needed space, particularly if you’re adding functional areas like a larger living room or a main floor master suite.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home Addition

Whether to go upward or outward with your room addition is a significant decision that involves thoughtful consideration of all these factors. It is vital to consult with a professional remodeling company to guide you through the process, ensuring your addition is compliant with local regulations and aligns with your vision and budget.

Ultimately, the choice between enlarging your home’s footprint or adding a second story is a personal one that requires balancing practicality and preference. Whichever path you choose, the goal is to partner with a builder you trust, ensuring your renovated home brings joy and functionality for years to come.

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