The Many Benefits of the Design/Build Process

There are two approaches to any remodeling project. You can work with a designer or architect to come up with a plan and then hire a general contractor, or you can work with a design/build company from the start through the finished project. The second option offers many benefits over working with two different companies. No matter the size or scope of your renovation project, you want the job done well, using the products you specified – and to finish on time and on budget.

The Many Benefits of the Design Build Process

Better Planning

A design/build company can better plan your project. Here are the elements that go into the renovation of any space:

  1. Lead time on supplies like cabinets, appliances, lighting, sinks and faucets.
  2. Demolition of current space.
  3. Construction of new space.
  4. Plumbing and electrical needs.
  5. Flooring set time.

When you have just one company coordinating all these different elements, the team can lay out a realistic timeline. A general contractor may think your cabinets take four weeks to order, while in reality, the cabinets you chose take eight. Now you’re a month behind your expected timeline.

Proper Design Execution

If you want a specific glass tile backsplash because you are trying to make the space appear larger and your general contractor doesn’t have experience with glass tile, he may opt for something similar. To him, it may look close enough – but because it isn’t what you wanted, you’re going to be disappointed. When you use one company, everyone is on the same page with the design and elements chosen and the reasons behind those choices.

Thorough Communication

The keys to a successful remodeling project are planning and communication. A design/build company plans every detail, from the grout color to the day the plumber needs to be on site. When there are hiccups because of unforeseen issues, the team communicates with you. You have a relationship in place that started in the design process and carries through the final inspection. Although any delay in a renovation is disappointing, it’s better to hear about it as soon as it’s realized and have a plan to deal with it moving forward.

Home renovation is expensive; you deserve to be completely satisfied with the results. When you’re looking at starting any sort of bathroom, kitchen or whole home remodel, call G.M. Roth. We’re a local design/build company with the tools in place to get the job done as planned, on time and on budget. Our team knows the importance of communication and not only do we communicate with each other, we communicate with you. In fact, one of the keys to our success with remodeling projects throughout southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts has been that we provide every homeowner with weekly job recaps.

If you’re ready to learn the difference between a general contractor and a design/build company, call (603) 880-3761 or fill out our contact form. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment in your home or our Nashua showroom to discuss your needs and how we can serve you.

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