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Start Building a Dream Kitchen

Let’s Get Started on Your Dream Kitchen!

New customers often ask how we go about building a dream kitchen in their home. They want to know what the process will be like, what the first steps will be, how long it will take. Mostly they are eager to get started and want to know how to begin! To help you better understand the design/build process here is a “typical” project timeline for a new kitchen.

1. Customer Interview – A designer will sit down with you, your spouse and (if you want to include them) other family members to get input on how you use your kitchen, who cooks, who cleans and what you envision for your Dream Kitchen. Only by listening carefully will we know what you truly want.
2. Measurement – A G.M. Roth design technician will come to your home to take detailed measurements of your current kitchen to serve as a “palette” for our new design.
3. Computer Designs – In 7-10 days we’ll develop a computer generated design that incorporates your ideas along with elements recommended by our designer. You’ll be able to virtually “walk through” your new kitchen and envision what it will be like.
4. Pre-Project Planning – Once the design is accepted, we’ll begin the project planning phase by sourcing all products and materials. This may include ordering cabinets, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures and appliances.
5. Demolition – When all materials are gathered and ready to go, the work begins! We start by tearing out your old kitchen to prepare the space for your new design. Demolition usually takes a day or less.
6. Construction – Because G.M. Roth manages all aspects of a kitchen installation, there is no worry about coordinating various trades like plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. We do it all for you! That means the construction phase moves quickly and smoothly. An average size kitchen renovation takes 3-5 days.
7. Site Management – Because we are guests in your home, you can count on our installation crew members being polite, neat and as quiet as possible. No loud radios, no smoking on the job, and daily clean up to leave the area as tidy as we can make it.
8. Inspection – Once we have completed the installation of your Dream Kitchen, our project manager will conduct a “walk through” with you to make sure everything meets – or exceeds! – your expectations. Any last minutes changes are noted and completed. We’ll also go over operation of new appliances and fixtures with you. Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied with your new Dream Kitchen!

Ready to get started? Call G.M. Roth today at (866) 221-9641 or click here to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and estimate.


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