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Thinking about a project but don’t know where to start? Attend our complementary seminar comparing the Design Build Process to the traditional “Design-Bid-Build” process or worse yet the “Stick Drawing on the Back of a Napkin Process”. There is an easier way, give us a call today to reserve your spot!

The seminar will be in our showroom on September 8, runs from 9:30 to about 10:30 with time afterwards for a question and answer session. Light refreshments will be served. It will be hosted by RISD Graduate and CKBD Theresa O’Brien who has over 25 years of experience designing projects.

The content of the seminar is to explain the benefits of the Design Build process itself, so if you’rethinking about a project, this is definitely for you!

Reservations are suggested (walk ins will be accommodated as space allows) or you can simply call in to reserve their spot.


Sign up for our Newsletter