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Design/Build Process: What’s in It for You?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Remodeling |

With traditional home remodeling and construction, your project would be divided into two individual phases, handled by different contracting teams and formalized by several contracts. You might have a design firm, a construction company and various subcontractors to coordinate to bring your project to completion. With the design/build process, you can simplify everything by leaving both the design and construction to just one company.

Designing Process

As an authority on remodeling in New Hampshire, G.M. Roth understands the important advantages of the design/build delivery method. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you entrust all of your design and construction needs to our team.

Less Confusion

One of the biggest inconveniences of the traditional construction method is the potential for lack of communication between the designer and the contractor. Because they’re two separate teams, misunderstandings are highly likely. Even if one party explains the details of the project to the other, some things may still get lost in translation. These issues cause delays and can mean more stress on your part.

With the design/build method, everybody is on one team and construction setbacks are minimized. There’s a much better chance that your remodeling in NH will remain on schedule.

Clear Accountability

The design/build method spares you the trouble of dealing with two companies that may be unwilling to take responsibility for a problem that arises. Especially in terms of cost overruns, you wouldn’t be left in the dark. You will always know who’s the accountable party.

Faster Project Completion

Since only one team will oversee your remodeling in MA from start to finish, there will be a smooth progression from start to finish. Decisions are made quickly thanks to close collaboration which expedites the progress of your project.

Enjoy the many advantages of the design/build method. Call G.M. Roth at (603) 880-3761 to get your project started.

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