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Labonte Kitchen Remodel 2014

Labonte Kitchen Remodel

The original maple kitchen was poorly planned and had poor lighting.  The new Snowflake/ Allspice with Sand Off finish cabinets capped with glorious slab granite were designed to provide the workflow, seating and access to the entertaining area our clients needed.  Our design included taking the cabinets to the ceiling, and having them accented by custom crown moldings.  The conveniently located double ovens, a unique space for the microwave and toaster and the refrigerator with matching panels add to the appeal of this amazing kitchen.

Labonte 1Labonte 2Labonte 3Labonte 4

By matching the perfect cook top with a fabulous hood and using a boarder frame in the backsplash in between, we provided the functionality our client sought without compromising the appearance.  The coffee station with glass front upper cabinet is illuminated to provide warmth and ease of use. We also included a wine cooler under, which is perfect for entertaining.  By moving the sink into the corner we were able to eliminate the space restriction in the old design.   The curved peninsula with bead board finishing the front adds beauty as well as ample seating.  We brightened the room with carefully placed recessed lighting, and used LED strip lighting to provide under cabinet lighting without fixtures.

The new space provided the modern elegance and usability they desired.


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