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4 Big Design Ideas That Make Tiny Baths Seem Larger

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Bathroom remodeling |

Lack of space is always a challenge when designing a functional and stylish bathroom, but it’s a problem with plenty of workarounds. If you’re thoughtful with the details, your bath can look and feel larger with no remodeling required!

Bathroom Improvement

As the trusted name in bathroom remodeling in Nashua, NH, G.M. Roth knows a few smart tricks to make your bath seem larger than it really is. Draw some inspiration from these ideas.

Go Borderless

Glass is the ultimate space problem-solver because it creates a sense of openness. The more glass you can use, the bigger and brighter your space will appear. Frameless mirrors and glass shower doors remove visual barriers that make a space feel smaller. Our experienced bath remodelers in Massachusetts pair borderless glass elements with strategic lighting to make a space feel relaxed and airy.

Blend Colors

Coordinating the tile with the wall color doubles the space in a small bathroom. Contrasting colors visually reduce the size of a bathroom, making the shower and the dressing area appear to be separate spaces. By blending these colors harmoniously together, you will make the bathroom feel like one large room.

Optimize Lines

Add vertical elements to make your bath appear taller. Vertical lines on the wall, tall storage cabinets, and tall mirrors are common themes in many a small bathroom remodel in Massachusetts. They can reduce the impression of a limited footprint.

Pick a Monochromatic Palette

A monochromatic color scheme helps enlarge tiny spaces. Whites, grays, beiges and soft pastels can make the walls in your small bath expand visually. If you have bathroom windows, avoid covering them completely. Instead, add a translucent shade or stained glass so you can enjoy natural light (which also makes a room feel larger) and privacy.

Discover more small-space expertise with G.M. Roth. Call us now at (603) 880-3761, and let us recommend the perfect design for your tiny bath.

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