Champagne Kitchen

Champagne Kitchen Remodel

We worked diligently with our client going over each cabinet to maximize space utilization and functionality, using roll out drawers and trays, a pull-out base spice rack and a double recycle center. We extended the base cabinet run on one side beyond the previous extent of the kitchen, and used a staggered backsplash edge to tie it into the upper cabinets. We created additional storage space by using a corner cabinet on the end of the upper run, and by running the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Two piece crown molding completes the finished look.

Champagne Kitchen Remodel

Since the client had complained of the kitchen being dark due to the lack of natural light, we used a full complement of recessed lighting, under cabinet lights, and pendent lights to fully illuminate the space. Our client was delighted with the selection of a driftwood finish on the cabinets, providing a distressed look that complemented the existing furniture. The granite countertop with an ogee edge perfectly ties the cabinets to the beautiful tile backsplash, which opened up the room by running from the end of the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

Our client was thrilled to have plenty of storage space and a kitchen that reflected her personal taste, and has a much more open and elegant look.

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