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Designer’s Corner

Designer’s Corner:
Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Today’s kitchens act as the heart of the home, combining a highly functional space with a modern and beautiful design. Many homeowners are making the most of the space in their kitchens with lots of glass, colorful finishes, exotic woods, and hardware. Others are creating artistic displays to “show off” special collections of china or glassware; a simple glass door front combined with gallery lighting in upper cabinets can give kitchens a showroom feel without losing counter space or functionality. Cabinets are also getting facelift, with white and stained wood giving way to new, bold colors and dark finishes to offset the latest looks in flooring and appliances.

Perhaps the biggest trend in kitchen remodeling today is personalization. Families spend many hours in their kitchens, which serve as the central hub for activities, meals, and time spent together. That’s why kitchen designs have moved beyond what’s standard and become more unique and customized, factoring in each person’s taste and individualized needs.

If you would like to remodel your kitchen or gather more information about the latest trends, please come speak to one of our experienced designers. We are happy customize your kitchen, making it perfect for you and your family.


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